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So Divine

  • A British brand that produces unique toys in bright designs and with funny names. Many of the brand's sex toys take into account people's desire to maintain complete secrecy of intimate life. So they had vibropulas in the form of lipstick, vibrators, similar to flash drives and just powerful miniature toys.


    The idea of creating toys from premium, safe and hypoallergenic materials while maintaining a democratic pricing policy was especially important to the founders of the brand.


    In 2007, the founders of the brand Samantha and Paul found that many toys and lubricants are not always hypoallergenic and completely safe for the skin. So they came up with the idea to create So Divine, a sex toy brand that produces the safest intimate accessories in a cute design.


     "So Divine - the triumph of intimacy and sexual pleasure. Our sex toys are safe for the skin, easy to use and are in the democratic price segment. We produce toys in playful, bright colors, and give them funny names so that people can buy sex devices without getting drenched with embarrassment.


     We believe that adult toys are pleasure and joy for everyone: women and men of all orientations, non-binary persons, couples and singles.


    We welcome everyone to So Divine. And we invite everyone to join our revolution of openness and freedom!"


    Today the industry has stepped forward, and absolutely all the devices in our range are made of safe hypoallergenic materials. But over the years the brand has acquired a new philosophy. The founders themselves say this:



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