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Scholl is a premium brand. Its founder is Dr. William Matthias Scholl - an American businessman and doctor, a pioneer in the field of foot care products and comfortable, repetitive anatomy of the foot, shoes.


The history of the brand began in Chicago in 1899. Dr. Scholl set himself a challenging goal - to create shoes that combined unparalleled comfort, technology and fashion. His first collection was designed with the anatomical feet discovered in the early 20s in mind.


Today, the Scholl shoe brand is known far beyond the United States. Innovation and technology Scholl requires a perfect fit in every pair, high quality, current style and accessories.


For many years all the Hollywood beauties - from Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy to Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker - consider one of the first iconic models Scholl Pescura "mast haves" in their closet, I its comfortable, fashionable, loose and versatile.


The manufacturing company, certified as a low-impact product, treats its activities according to the values and traditions of shoemakers. Striving to be at the forefront of their openness with direct invasions and patented technologies of Dr.Sholl - Gelactiv, Bioprint, Memory Cushion and Scholl Biomechanics.


Current models of the brand are presented on the website.



Портрет потребителя

Scholl brand fans are people aged 25-50 with an above-average income, successful in their career, have a broad outlook and seek high standards in life and at leisure. When choosing clothing and footwear they give preference to brands with a history. For such people, comfort in everything is very important.

О коллекции

ЗThe famous wooden sandals Scholl Original Sandal, which became a cult model beloved by many celebrities from the world of high fashion and show business, were created by William Scholl in the 60s. They are called Haute Comfort (by analogy with Haute Couture), because the sandals perfectly combine comfort and style of the highest class. The real jewel of the collection is Scholl's legendary masterpiece, the signature wooden Pescura sandals. As a leading pioneer in forward-thinking footwear, design and technology, Scholl has perfected its more than 100 years of experience by offering a specialized product range with five product lines under the Scholl shoes umbrella. All are equipped with unique comfort and support technologies and are designed for different customers with different needs: Scholl Iconic Scholl Comfort Scholl Comfort Scholl Comfort+ Scholl Professional Scholl Kids. Producing shoes that are certified as low-pollution products, Scholl is guided by the values and traditions of shoemakers. Its commitment to being at the forefront of its industry is confirmed by the progressive innovations and patented technologies of Dr.Sholl - Gelactiv, Bioprint, Memory Cushion and Scholl Biomechanics.


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