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In 1825, James Clark worked at his brother's tannery in Somerset County. In the process of processing sheep skins, there were a lot of unused raw materials, and one day a craftsman comes up with a brilliant idea: "Slippers!" Very little time has passed, and the Clark brothers' handmade slippers have made a real splash on the British market. By 1842, shoe sales were already 1,000 pairs per month. In 1863, the management of the business passed into the hands of James' son, William. He opens factories, modernizes production and buys modern Singer equipment. William decides to produce shoes that will take into account the anatomy of the foot and repeat its natural lines. It was then that Clarks established itself as the manufacturer of the most comfortable shoes in the world. At the beginning of the XX century, Jones Clark's wife, Alice Clark, became one of the leaders of the company. Developing the business "in step with the times", Alice suggests designing high-heeled shoes. Soon, every girl in the UK dreamed of buying Clarks shoes. The growing worldwide demand for Clarks shoes has given impetus to the production of the brand outside of England. Since 1990, a large number of factories have been built for Clarks. Clarks auditors always carefully monitor compliance with technical production processes and the quality of manufactured shoes. In 2013, SOHO Fashion signed a contract with Clarks with the right of exclusive distribution of the brand in Russia and Belarus, and the latest history of the Clarks brand in Russia began with the AW 2014 season.

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Портрет потребителя

Loyal customers of the Clarks brand aged 25-50 years, with an income above average or high, are well educated and successful in their careers, often travel and have a broad outlook, strive for high standards in life and on vacation. In clothing, they prefer the smart casual format. If men in the Clarks style buy clothes and accessories, guided primarily by the need that has arisen, then for fans of the brand, buying shoes remains part of leisure and lifestyle in general.

О коллекции

Following the fashion trends, the Clarks design team organizes collaborations not only with show business stars, but also with well-known companies such as Supreme and MARVEL Studios. This collaboration is expressed in the development of exclusive prints for the most popular models of Clarks shoes.


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