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The GAS brand is recognized all over the world thanks to its denim clothing, which is the basis of all its collections. The popular Italian brand GAS was created in 1984 and is owned by Grotto S.p.A. The company owns five subsidiaries in Britain, France, Spain, Germany and Hungary, and has over 3,000 own retail outlets worldwide, including in the Far East and North America. Since 2017, the production of the GAS footwear line has been entrusted to the United Brands Company, which specializes in the design and promotion of a number of famous Italian brands.


The founder of GAS - Claudio Grotto, in the basis of the philosophy of the brand put the phrase - "keep it simple" or "keep it simple". According to this motto GAS brand's creative team puts the idea of refusing useless and whimsical things that go out of fashion very fast into the footwear collections. At the heart of the collection designers lay functionality, practicality and quality.


The main characteristic of GAS footwear visual range is simplicity and laconicism. Ideas for new GAS models are often born in cooperation with creative people from music and art world. At the moment a special place in GAS collection belongs to extremely comfortable sneakers made of leather of "365 Motion Sneaker" series. They are created as a limited edition in a collaboration between GAS and Gue Pequeno, the famous Italian rapper and producer who revolutionized hip-hop music scene in Italy.


You can get acquainted with the goods of the brand GAS on the website.

Портрет потребителя

GAS collections are addressed to men and women from 16 to 45 years old. Among the admirers of the brand there are motorcycle racing fans and frequenters of music parties, the same lovers of spectacle and fun, as Claudio Grotto himself.

О коллекции

From the point of view of following trends, the GAS collection is most interesting for young people. Within the collection there is a division into men's and women's line, some models are suitable for teenagers. Each GAS shoe model has high quality and original approach to design.


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