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The new Blauer brand in the SOHO network

The new Blauer brand in the SOHO network

The history of the brand began in wartime, shoes were made in small factories and were aimed at government employees and soldiers. That is why the models had to be as comfortable and practical as possible, while protecting them from bad weather conditions. To date, the principle of production of Blauer shoes has remained the same: these are functional models with a recognizable and bright style, every detail of which is thought out to the smallest detail. Modern collections of Blauer shoes are made both in a basic strict design, and in a more daring and bright one. This is what makes the brand attractive to men and women of any age. Shoes from the men's collection of the brand are distinguished by their rigor and practicality. The combination of modern trends and traditions that have developed over decades has made it possible to make collections more diverse, ranging from laconic casual-style models to comfortable and sporty options. Blauer women's shoes are aimed at girls who prefer style in absolutely everything, while not forgetting about quality. The peculiarity of these collections is retro sneakers, which are decorated with modern and stylish decor. When creating shoe models, brand manufacturers use exclusively technological and high-quality materials that differ in functional details, which contributes to the growth of the brand's popularity all over the world. Enzo Fusco, Blauer's chief designer, introduced the production control function, which is still at the heart of the company's work.


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